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For Publishers

For publishers

Discover iThinkToday, an innovative, user-friendly platform designed to take your publishing game to new heights. From polls and quizzes to photo polls and personality tests, iThinkToday offers you a myriad of interactive features to deeply engage your audience. With seamless website integration, tested load capacity, and highly customizable options, our service is here to bring you the ease of interaction and high engagement rates you have been seeking.

Easily Embeddable Widget

With iThinkToday, you can easily incorporate our widget into your website. Our goal is to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible, ensuring minimal downtime and allowing you to focus on creating engaging content. Regardless of your technical proficiency, iThinkToday's user-friendly interface and clear instructions will facilitate quick and hassle-free integration.

Tested on Large Load

Our service isn't just easy to use—it's also robust and reliable. iThinkToday has been tested and proven to withstand high traffic volumes, so whether you're a growing start-up or an established business, you can be confident in our system's ability to handle the load and deliver your content seamlessly, every single time.

Multimedia Features

Each iThinkToday feature supports both text and image inputs, giving you the flexibility to create rich, engaging content. Whether you're setting up a poll, crafting a quiz, or designing a personality test, you can incorporate visuals and words to resonate better with your audience.

Custom Results Page

iThinkToday's customization extends beyond just the content. You can design your results page using rich-text content or raw HTML, offering a level of personalization that's perfect for your unique projects or clients' specifications. Create a fully immersive experience that echoes your brand's identity or your client's vision.

Email Gathering and Competitions

Boost engagement and grow your mailing list at the same time! With iThinkToday, you can set up competitions that collect validated user emails, creating a win-win situation—your users enjoy fun competitions, and you get a valuable list of potential leads or clients.

User Statistics and Engagement

With iThinkToday, insights are just a click away. Access detailed statistics about your users and their engagement, and see how our platform enhances average engagement times from 45 seconds to an impressive 1 minute 5 seconds. Use these valuable insights to further refine your strategies and drive engagement.

Shared Workspaces

iThinkToday empowers teamwork. With shared workspaces, your team can collaborate effectively, enabling you to create, publish, and edit widgets together. Whether you're a solo publisher or part of a larger team, our platform caters to your needs, promoting a smooth and efficient workflow.

It's time to elevate your engagement with iThinkToday.

Join the ranks of successful publishers who have supercharged their interactive content, boosting user engagement, gathering valuable insights, and fostering effective teamwork. Don't wait—take the step today towards a more engaging and dynamic publishing future with iThinkToday.
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