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“A poll is a survey in which people are asked their opinions about something, usually in order to find out how popular something is or what people intend to do in the future.”

Why use Polls?

Want to get feedback from your visitors? With our polls it is easy, and beautiful.
Unlock the power of opinion with iThinkToday polls! Engage your audience and boost your brand like never before. With our cutting-edge polling technology, you can now gather insights and opinions from your target audience, making informed decisions to take your brand to new heights.
Not only do polls increase user engagement, they can also boost brand loyalty and increase your web reach. By offering a fun and interactive experience, users are more likely to spend more time on your site and share their opinions. This increased engagement can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty.
And the best part? With the option to share polls on social media, you can expand your reach and attract new customers, giving your brand the exposure it deserves. So why wait? Take the first step in boosting your brand today and start using polls to increase user engagement, brand loyalty and reach!

What do we offer for Polls?

Make your polls stand out with photos and get immediate results! With our polling platform, you have the flexibility to choose between polls with or without photos, making it easy to create visually appealing and engaging polls that grab the attention of your audience.
Not only that, you also have the option to keep your poll results private or publicly accessible, giving you complete control over the information you gather. And with our real-time results feature, your audience can see the results immediately after voting, making it easier to analyze the data and make informed decisions.
So why settle for ordinary polls when you can have the best? Choose our polling platform and enjoy the benefits of customizable polls with photos, private results, and real-time results. Take the first step to unlocking the power of opinion and get started today!


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